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Hi September 2023 new starters... congratulations again for successfully auditioning to train at Dancebox College!

Firstly, well done to you all. We had a really strong standard of applicants this year and, as a result, competition for places was more fierce than ever... so you should be very proud of yourself for securing your place at Dancebox College.


We can't wait to welcome you to the college later in the year, but in the meantime, we've put some useful information below that you'll need to get ready for your Dancebox journey! (There is also information for our new 6th Form starters at the bottom of the page).


Firstly, thank you for confirming your place by returning your acceptance form and completing payment of the non-refundable acceptance fee.

There is information below about financing / loan applications and accommodation. Additional information will be added to this page in the lead up to your start date.



You can already start the process of applying for your tuition fee and maintenance loans using the information listed below:

  • Create your account and make your application here:

  • Once you get to the 'Course & Fees' section:

    • 'Where do you plan to study?' enter 'Buckinghamshire New University'

    • 'What course...?' enter 'W3DB'

    • Click on the blue 'Professional Dance & Musical Theatre' text

    • Click 'Continue'

  • You should have confirmation of the course selection as 'Professional Dance and Musical Theatre - Bachelor Degree with Honours - Buckinghamshire New University'

  • You should then be able to complete your tuition fee loan application, with the correct fee tariff of £9250 being automatically generated by the system.

  • You should also then be able to continue to make your maintenance loan application if required.



If you are planning on paying your fees without accessing loan funding, please let us know by email to We will invoice you directly for fees, which will be payable either in one lump sum prior to the start of the academic year, or you can opt to pay in instalments as per the schedule below.


Single Payment Option A/Y 23/24

£9250.00 - Payment Deadline - August '23 (date TBC)


Instalment Payment Option A/Y 23/24

Payment 1 - £3083.33 - Payment Deadline - August '23 (date TBC)

Payment 2 - £3083.33 - Payment Deadline - December '23 (date TBC)

Payment 3 - £3083.34 - Payment Deadline - April '24 (date TBC)


We will be talking through accommodation options at the Orientation Day. We appreciate that you may be keen (or anxious!) to secure your accommodation now, but please remember that the majority of University / full time training students who are looking for student accommodation won't start their searches until Level 3 results day in mid-August.

We do have some advice for securing accommodation options sooner than that, but we'd kindly ask you to wait until the Orientation Day to raise those questions with our team.


We would kindly ask all new starters and returning students to complete the following form so that we have all of the relevant and up-to-date information on file for the coming year.

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