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Graduating with a BA(Hons) in Performing Arts - Dance from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Kat stands as a global force in the dance industry. Her credentials also include a PGCE with QTS qualification from the esteemed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), exemplifying her academic and professional acumen.

Post-graduation, Kat embarked on an international tour with Alan Harding's critically acclaimed 'Spirit of the Dance.' She then showcased her multifaceted talents by performing for Holland America on their world cruise, where she not only danced but also adeptly managed the production as Dance Captain. Kat's theatrical prowess continued to shine in productions such as Little Shop of Horrors for Kate Prince's Zoonation and Romeo & Juliet the Musical at the iconic Piccadilly Theatre. She further demonstrated her creative versatility as the choreographer and dancer for Rufus Wainwright's UK tour performances.

Kat has a distinguished track record in the commercial sector, working alongside acclaimed artists like Beverley Knight, Fat Boy Slim, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, and Basement Jaxx. Her expertise also extends to collaborations with renowned companies such as Nike, Adidas, Toyota, L'Oreal, and Rimmel, proving her ability to seamlessly navigate different industry landscapes. Kat's experience in TV & Film has enabled her to collaborate with world-renowned choreographers like Kim Gavin, Ashley Wallen, Kevan Allen, and Bruno Toniolli.

With a wealth of teaching experience in both private and state sectors, Kat completed a PGCE (with QTS) in Dance Teaching at the Royal Academy of Dance. Her most recent endeavor involves working alongside the revered Darcey Bussell to develop a school curriculum based on Darcey's DDMIX fitness programme.

Kat's illustrious career is marked by a blend of performance, choreography, and educational leadership. Her diverse accomplishments position her as a true global luminary in the dance industry, setting the stage for a profound impact on future generations of dancers.

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