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At Dancebox, we truly believe there's no better way to learn than by feeling the electrifying thrill of a live audience. Our instructors, who have professional performance experience under their belts, are passionate about providing you with as many opportunities to shine on stage as possible during your time here.

Every student gets to participate in large-scale productions in professional theatres, complete with the full array of top-grade production values. We also host smaller, intimate performances in various venues around town, making sure you experience all shades of the performing arts spectrum.

We've built strong partnerships with local businesses, who are just as eager as we are to see our dancers in action. So much so that Heart FM has picked us as their exclusive provider of dancers for events across the four-county region.

Our studios are more than just training grounds; they're also a hub for auditions and rehearsals for big-name production companies, dance shows, and touring groups. This means you'll get to observe professionals at work and maybe even get spotted by casting directors. We've had big names like TUI Cruise's TED Production Group, BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, Jersey Boys, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures Company, and the BBC Young Dancer of the Year grace our studios.

And if that's not enough, you'll also get the opportunity to perform in front of some of the most respected names in the industry at big-time dance and performing arts shows, like Can You Dance? and Move It.

Choosing Dancebox isn't just about choosing a college – it's about choosing a future where your talent gets the spotlight it deserves, a future where your dreams take center stage. We're not just an option; we're your best bet to make those dreams come true. Ready to leap into your future with us? Ready to Dancebox?

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