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Suitable for all your child's friends, regardless of previous dance experience, our fun, friendly and fabulous Ballet Party is packed full of dance fun!

The party lasts for an hour and a half, during which time our (fully DBS registered) party leader will take the kids through loads of fun dance-based party games and they'll learn a fantastic routine which has been specially choreographed for your party! After all of the dancing, they'll move to our party dining room for food and drinks! 

Prices start at £18.95 per child with a minimum number of 15 children (maximum capacity is 35 children) and we have a range of party packages designed to make your day even more special... & hassle free! You can find full details of what is included with each package below.

You are welcome to bring your own cake, but please note our policy that any food must be shop bought with a confirmed list of allergens, as detailed below.

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  • Payment for the minimum number of attendees (15) is required to confirm your booking.

  • Additional children can be added after initial booking.

  • We require final numbers and full payment 14 days before the party date. After final confirmation of numbers, and full payment is received, any reduction in numbers will not receive a refund in monetary value, however free class vouchers may be given at the management’s discretion.

  • Once we are in receipt of final numbers, you are unable to increase this number or have any additional guests arriving on the day due to the required teacher to child ratio. 


  • All payments (deposits and balance payments) are non-refundable.

  • We will reschedule the party with up to 14 days notice of cancellation to any available date.


  • Party bookings are for a minimum of 15 children.

  • The maximum capacity is 35 children.

  • Food and drink (pizza and unlimited squash) are included in the party price.

  • You may provide your own cake, but it must be shop bought, with a full list of allergens, and adhere to the policy below.

  • A minimum of 3 adults must be present at the party at any time. Additional parents (up to a maximum of 10 adults) are welcome to stay, but may be asked to remain in the party room if there is not sufficient space in the party dining room.

  • Dancebox Studios accept no liability for confirming or monitoring food allergies (or any medical issues arising from food allergies). The party organiser is entirely responsible for establishing and monitoring any food allergies, general medical conditions or any other medical / SEN needs which may affect the running of the party.

  • We would kindly ask the party organiser to alert our party leader to any specific or additional needs of any children participating in the party, for which they may need to make additional accommodation of content.

  • On conclusion of the party we require the party room to be left tidy, with all rubbish disposed of in the black sacks provided (rubbish will be disposed of by Dancebox Studios)


In response to the UK Food Information Amendment we have implemented the following conditions for providing food at parties. Any food (including birthday cakes) brought to a party must be shop bought, with a list of allergens attached. In order to best protect people with allergies, shop bought food will always have a full ingredient list, with allergens highlighted. As a basic precaution (and in line with all standard school requirements), please do not bring any products which contain nuts onto the premises. It is your responsibility as the organiser of the party to ascertain any allergies that your guests may have and take appropriate action.

Note on birthday cakes - If your cake is made by a reputable baker or specific cake designer, they will by law have to follow the same rules as above and provide the full allergens list and this must accompany the cake to the party. Home made cakes, unfortunately, will no longer be allowed to be brought in to birthday parties.

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